Customer Success Story:

Fleetwood Australia

Digital Transformation

In 2017, Fleetwood began an IT transformation project moving to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and implementing add-ons to meet specific business requirements. After implementing the add-on Document Capture from Continia supplied by Carrot Solutions, approximately 80% of all invoices are processed automatically while this automatic processing has removed the problem of entry errors.

Meet Fleetwood Australia

Fleetwood Australia is an Australian Stock Exchange listed company and has been in operation for over 50 years. It consists of 3 businesses: Building Solutions, RV Solutions, and Accommodation Solutions. 


Upscaling: The Requirements

Fleetwood processes thousands of invoices each month. Chris Stevens, Fleetwood’s CIO, wanted a solution to automate the processing of the AP invoices so that Accounts Payable staff could focus on higher value tasks. After evaluating several solutions, Chris proceeded with Document Capture due to its tight integration with Dynamics, its continuous development, and the local support from Carrot Solutions.

“We primarily use Document Capture to automate the receipt and authorisation of Supplier Invoices. With so many jobs in progress and Project Managers at many locations it can be a challenge to get Invoices authorised and Document Capture has allowed us to streamline this process. I wanted us to work smarter not harder and now AP Staff require less overtime and with an increase in jobs we did not need to increase AP staff.”


- Chris Stevens, Fleetwood Corporation Ltd CIO

The Benefits

With Document Capture, staff from different businesses are able to fill in for each other when they are on absent from work.  Fleetwood’s business process ensures vendor products and services are receipted.  Document Capture automatically processes the supplier’s invoice and matches it against the line level receipts and posts the Purchase Invoice when they match or sends the invoice to the appropriate person for review when they don’t. The automatic processing has removed the problem of keying errors.  Approximately 80% of all invoices are processed automatically.  For Fleetwood the return on investment was under 1 year.

Continia Document Capture

Document Capture from Continia is a solution that reduces keying errors and processing times and thereby ensures documents received into the business such as purchase orders and invoices are processed efficiently and accurately.  It is designed to work with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and is 100% integrated making the installation and implementation process straightforward.