Customer Success Story:
Hume Housing

Smooth implementation of Continia Document Capture

Like many other companies, Hume Housing found themselves facing some challenges in terms of their document management during Covid-19. Among other things, they needed to increase productivity, streamline processes, minimize physical paperwork, and remotely process electronic files.

To solve this, Dynamic Aspect worked with Hume Housing to deliver a positive customer experience simply by designing the right solution, exploiting the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Continia Software, while delivering on time and on budget. The costs of Hume Housings manual tasks were ultimately reduced by two thirds.

 “Covid-19 really emphasised the value of having access to the electronic files and not having to physically handle invoices. We are now pretty much able to process invoices remotely after they are scanned

says Lee Huynh, Senior Manager, Technology at Hume Housing.

Meet Hume Housing

Hume Community Housing Association Co Ltd (Hume Housing) builds new properties, manages tenancies for owners, and provides homes and services to diverse customers. The organisation also supports customers to maintain their tenancies, build resilience, participate in life, and to reach their full potential. To do this, Hume engages in partnerships with a range of services and organisations including social service providers, other community housing providers, financiers, developers, real estate agents, and government agencies.


The challenges for Hume Housing

Hume Housing administers more than 9,000 customers across Australia, and for that reason their accounting department processes up to 5000 payables per month. Previously, the different departments would collect all their invoices and send them to a central location by various means. Each invoice was handled several times just to get the check cut – as you can imagine this seemed like a very lengthy process.


The importance of taking advantage of electronic storage of invoices, which are directly connected to payables in their Business Central system, became particularly apparent during the COVID-19 shut down. For that reason, the key criteria became automation and digitisation to ensure improvements in productivity, reduced errors, safety in connection with Covid-19, less physical paperwork, along with streamlined processes in their complex array of clients, suppliers and partners across the private sector, public sector, and not-for-profits sectors.

Choosing a Solution: Continia Document Capture

Continia Document Capture

After a product evaluation, Continia Document Capture was chosen as the best and most comprehensive end-to-end add-on solution that would work for Hume’s complex set of business activities and rules. This add-on solution integrates seamlessly into Hume Housing’s accounting solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


 “Continia is very intuitive, super slick, and will have a huge payoff for us the longer we use it. We are already seeing the benefits of moving to a paperless accounting office and it’s pretty exciting!

- Lee Huynh, Senior Manager, Technology at Hume Community Housing

Results and Outcome: Automation and Digitisation

In 4 weeks, Dynamic Aspect successfully deployed and integrated the new document processing solution centred on Dynamics 365 Business Central. In regard to this, Lee Huynh, Senior Manager, Technology at Hume Community Housing states that:

 We were able to get Hume Housing up and running on Continia in just a few weeks. It’s so refined and well-integrated with Microsoft Dynamics that it is a very quick implementation. The Continia solution is ideal for a business like ours that deals in a great volume of paperwork. It’s not only a good value and very easy to use, but it can be a huge time saver.

Now, the payable is scanned, which automatically enters the transaction and saves the invoice into the digital-file archive. The paper copy isn’t needed anymore. That’s where the time savings come in, plus reduced errors and rework. The time savings are most noticeable by not having manual data entry errors.

Additionally, having the ability to grab a large stack of invoices and not have to sort alphabetically, then sort by other attributes and all the other paper handling previously required, it’s more than just time savings - it’s automatically entering an invoice and taking away all of the paper handling. Ultimately, Dynamic Aspect reduced the clients’ costs of the manual operations by two thirds.