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By choosing Continia solutions, you can reduce time spent on extensive tasks and reduce money spent on physical paper


Document Capture

Make your organization more productive, and get rid of manually handling incoming order confirmations, invoices, contracts, agreements and more.


Most popular features

✔️ Automatic document registration and OCR processing

✔️ Handles PDF and XML documents

✔️ Approval of invoices etc. from anywhere

✔️ Easy and quick search for archived documents


Expense Management

Improve the processes for handling employee expenses in your workplace. Automate your expense reporting by using Expense Management and an expense app on your smartphone.


Most popular features

✔️ Credit card integration with all major credit cards

✔️ iPhone and Android app for expense, mileage and per diem reporting

✔️ Full overview of traveler’s activities in Business Central

✔️ Mileage registration using Google Maps for distance calculation


Document Output

Automate your document distribution. Send out your invoices etc. electronically directly from Business Central from a specific file folder, or as attachments in your outgoing e-mails.


Most popular features

✔️ Distribution of all types of documents including XML formats

✔️ Add background PDFs, watermarks, logos, company information, etc. to documents

✔️ A full log and audit trail of all sent e-mails, printouts, and electronic documents

✔️ The ability to send customer statements automatically


Payment Management

By connecting your Business Central with your bank, you can pay your vendors and reconcile your statements directly from Business Central without having to log into your online bank.


Most popular features

✔️ Connection with a wide range of banks and formats

✔️ Advanced reconciliation functionality ensuring your bank accounts and Business Central are always in sync

✔️ Support for import of OCR, CAMT.054 files and more for customer payments

✔️ IBAN lookup to help you create vendor bank information automatically


"The Continia solution is ideal for a business like ours that deals in a great volume of paperwork. It’s not only a good value and very easy to use, but it can be a huge time saver.

- Lee Huynh, Senior Manager, Technology at
Hume Community Housing

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