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Notora is a nationwide ERP consulting house with a clear vision - "To be a leading ERP provider in the food industry". Recently, Microsoft has extended Notora's predicate as a "Certified Gold" partner, which is acquired through a number of requirements and certifications, a high degree of customer satisfaction, positive customer references and a great ability to navigate Microsoft's product portfolio. Through a focused strategy, Notora is able to deliver food-specific products, service and favorable prices. The driving force lies in streamlining and optimizing management and production processes to facilitate the workflows in the country's large number of food companies. With a mobile food industry where persistent regulations on restrictions tighten the requirements for companies, Notora possesses the expertise and tools to comply with and meet the volatile movements of the market.
The range of solutions is anchored in a wide range of food-specific products, where the collaboration with Continia, among others, has provided scope and the right to handle food-oriented ERP solutions that exactly match your demand - a setup that is reflected in maximum value for a cheap cost for food companies in Denmark.
Notora's customers cover all types of companies in the food field: whether your company works with fish, confectionery, meat, dairy, sweets and confectionery, fresh products, food production & wholesale or another food niche, we listen to how we can cover your unique need.

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KYST ApS: Optimeringen af varesporbarhed giver plads til fokus på kerneværdier

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Hos KYST sælger de alt i frisk og frossen fisk til restauranter, kantiner, skoler og detail, hvor et fokus på ekstremt højt serviceniveau er i højsædet. En kundes særegne specielle ønske eller behov afvises aldrig, og selve forarbejdningen af de indgående ordrer på samtlige fisk fra sortimentet udføres på den lokale fabrik i Hanstholm. Fisken leveres med egne kølebiler på samme dag, som fisken er købt på auktion.

Men hos den nordjyske fiskeforhandler blev der registreret meget unødigt ressource

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