Document Output

Transparent workflow and overview of all documents, sent and unsent, from Business Central

Some customers wish to receive their documents such as sales invoices, credit memos, reminders, etc., as physical printouts. Others as PDF-attachments in e-mails and even some electronically in formats such as XML etc. Do you have this overview easily at hand in your organization? 

Feature overview

  • Distribute of all types of documents
    Send all unsent documents such as account statements, credit memos, invoices etc. with just one click. This way, you automate your distribution workflow with mass-mailing of your documents.
  • Continia Delivery Network
    A unique service that integrates with the PEPPOL eDelivery Network, thereby enabling you to send electronic purchase invoices and credit memos directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Handle XML formats
    Send electronic business documents, such as invoices, credit notes, reminders, etc., to your customers and vendors. The solution integrates with the European PEPPOL format as a standard, meaning that vendors and customers that are already using this format can receive electronic documents this way.
  • Process multiple records in one click
    With the Print/E-Mail all functionality you can easily print or send all records at once within this filter. Records that have an e-mail address will be e-mailed using SMTP, whereas records without an e-mail address will be printed.
  • Continia Print Server
    Print directly from queues without any manual handling thereby allowing you to keep working without any interruptions. Stored locally at your premises, the Print Server will connect printers to the cloud through a network. Via the cloud network, it will be able to accept print jobs from your computers and to send them to the relevant printers.
  • Customize outgoing e-mails with templates
    The solution comes with a comprehensive template selection that enables you to apply different e-mail templates based on language, department codes, dimension values etc. More than 28 different e-mail templates are ready to use., and you can easily design your own e-mail templates with the built-in state-of-the-art HTML editor to ensure a professional look and feel.
  • Use merge fields in e-mails
    You can easily set up how to find the right e-mail recipient from customer card/vendor card or e-mail recipient table. With this ability to create new merge fields, you'll have more options for merging information into your emails.
  • Add background PDFs, watermarks, logos, company information, etc.
    Design your own templates by using your Outlook client if you wish to customize even further. This way, you can enter in company logos and campaign banners, and attach files and documents if needed.
  • Sign all PDF files with your own certificate
    Sign your pdf documents and prevent anyone from changing any payment and/or account information in the pdfs that you are sending. You can also add a background to your pdf document to prevent any change after you have sent it. This secures a high level of security in your organization.
  • Full log and audit trail of all sent e-mails, printouts, and electronic documents
    The solution comes with an integrated e-mail log, that provides an overview of all sent and unsent e-mails from customers, vendors, quotes, orders and posted documents.
  • Customer and vendor fact boxes
    Integrated fact boxes provide an overview of the actions and history, which includes e-mail log and e-mail recipients. Fact boxes are available on quotes, orders, invoices etc.
  • Send documents in batches from the Document Output queue
    You can easily configure Business Central to automatically send and print out all your outgoing documents at fixed intervals, for example once per day, according to your needs.
  • Merge separate PDFs and send them as one (for example, sales and delivery terms merged with invoices)
    Merge a PDF with the created PDF, for example Sales and Delivery Terms merged with Order and Invoice.
  • Attach all types of documents to an e-mail
    Attach additional documents to your e-mail templates, such as delivery terms, credit notes etc. This way, you can send multiple invoices in one pdf by combining your documents.
  • Flexible recipient setup for all customers and vendors
    The flexible recipient setup for all customers and vendors includes the option to add To, Cc and Bcc.
  • E-mail template lines based on language code

    This functionality will make the setup of email signatures and templates more flexible by adding support for the following features:

    • Ability to save email bodies.
    • Easy insertion of bodies into other templates, also in different languages as a standard feature.
    • Setup links in pictures for social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Ability to send customer statements automatically
    You can either choose to send statements automatically or manually according to your needs and procedures.
  • Remittance advice templates
    Remittance advice templates are included for both payment entries and payment journal, serving as a proof of payment by helping the receivers comparing the amount of payment sent.

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