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Our strength lies in the combination of specialist expertise, the understanding we have of our customers businesses and the strategic alliances we hold with global technology brands. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and an IBM Premium Partner.

The world’s best digital technology is more powerful than ever before. But it can only drive your business forward when its capabilities are brilliantly directed and tailored to fit you.

That’s why solutions must never be imposed from outside. Instead, our team starts right from the heart of your business. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you. Seeing what you see, feeling what you feel. Only then can we grasp the challenges and opportunities unique to you.

Trust and perseverance have been the bedrock of our relationships for over thirty-five years. Helping you look at things differently. Not just at all the good stuff of digital change, but also tackling the pain points, like protecting legacy investments and helping your team adopt new and enhanced ways of doing things.

Our Team of 60+ specialist consultants employ our proven @The Heart Project Methodology to truly understand your goals, current pains and challenges so we can guide your successful Digital Transformation for Growth.

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