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Wise is Iceland's leading reseller of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central accounting and business software. We specialize in financial, retail, specialist services, municipal, fisheries and transportation solutions.
Wise offers a wide range of business software solutions designed to help your organization make good, well-informed decisions built on reliable information from your company's business and stock systems.
We focus particularly on consulting, software design and software installation combined with comprehensive support services. Our solutions are used by many of Iceland's largest organizations.
Wise has won many awards for its operations, including Partner of the Year from Microsoft and the Exemplary Company Award from the VR trades union.
Wise specializes in accounting and business software for organizations of all sizes and types.
Our best-known products are Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Wise Analyzer , WiseFish, municipal solutions and many business solutions used by a wide range of organizations all around the world.
We have a dedicated group of experts with many years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and related solutions. We focus on helping our customers get the best possible results from the correct business solutions.
Our operations are built on software design alongside first-class follow up services for our customers.

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