3.10 er frigivet juni 2020

System requirements for Document Output

List of supported NAV versions:

Classic Clients:

5.0 objects with 5.0 SP1 or later executable

5.0 SP1


2009 SP1

2009 R2


RTC (Role Tailored Clients):


2013 R2





Business Central 


Objects are available in following localized NAV versions:

English: W1

English: GB

Danish: DK

Netherlands: NL

Belgium: BE

German: DE

North Americas: NA

Norge: NO

Sverige: SE

Spain: ES

New Zealand: NZ

Australia: AU

France: FR


Since an implementation of Continia Document Output only has very limited effect on a standard NAV, it is very quick to add local language to the solution. Therefore, we encourage you to go with our solution, even though you prefer another language than English.

You also need Microsoft Outlook and Word version 2010 or later. Remember to use Antivirus recognized by Windows/Outlook.


PDF driver included

An integrated Continia PDF Driver is included in the Base module, so there is no further license costs related to this solution.