Document distribution made easy

Sending out documents manually can be extremely time consuming. That’s why mastering document distribution is all about finding ways to make it a lot faster and much more effective. With the right tools, this becomes an easy task.

Learn how by watching this short video.

Predefined templates

Continia Document Output includes ready-to-use and editable templates for sending out account statements, invoices, reminders, order confirmations, and more, to make your work a lot more efficient. It’s so efficient and fast that all you need to do is to find the right template and click send.

You can even design and customize your own templates with your unique branding material e.g. insert logos or water marks. You can do this without contacting your account partner and waiting for them to set it up for you – that’s how easy it is to modify your templates.

Contact cards and mass-mailing

With Document Output, you can add more recipients on the client contact card. This reduces the time that you would normally spend on manually finding and adding the relevant e-mail addresses, which in turn allows you to focus on other tasks.

You can automate your workflow with mass-mailing of invoices, account statements and more. Meanwhile the solution allows you to continue working even while the it’s sending out these documents. This means that you don’t have to waste any time waiting for the system to be done sending before continuing your work.

Attach files and track your activities

With a drag and drop feature, you can now add extra files and attachments. All activities are logged, which means that you can always see which documents are sent. Document Output keeps track for you. This reduces any human errors that might normally occur in keeping track of documents.

Additionally, you can send out your documents through email, or in print, which ever suits your customers the best.

Do you have firsthand experience with hacker attempts?

Document Output allows you to sign your pdf documents and thereby prevent hackers from changing any payment and/or account information in the pdfs that you are sending. You can also add a background to your pdf document to prevent any change after you have sent it.

This secures a high level of security in your organization, which is more important than ever, especially in this digital day and age where scams occur on a daily basis.

These solutions will get you there: