Expense handling on the go

Automate the administration of expenses from your organization without taking a new system into use. You stay in Microsoft Dynamics where you get a complete overview of all incoming expenses. All the expense user needs to do is to send in the expenses directly to Microsoft Dynamics using our unique Expense app.


“Using the Expense app while I am traveling is really easy. When I make a purchase, I simply take a picture of the receipt or quickly register a mileage – and then I am done. I don’t have to go back to the office to make an expense report, which used to be a big challenge for me to remember".




“We have all been there. At the end of the month, my busy colleagues quickly dropped by with a chaotic pile of expenses that I needed to register manually. Now I get all the expenses directly in my Microsoft Dynamics. I can even reconcile incoming expenses with credit card transactions from the bank – and if I am missing some receipts from the expense users, I can simply push out a notification to the specific user”.



“With Continia Expense Management, I get the chance to go through all the expenses from my employees. This way, I get an instant insight into all the costs, my employees are adding to the company while they are on the go. Even when I am away from the office and do not have access to our Microsoft Dynamics, I can still approve expenses by using the Continia Web Approval Portal.” 




"In my area of work, the value-add of using Continia Expense Management is very significant. With this system, we can rely on the fact that we have documentation for all the expenses that we get in our company. And the posting of the expenses is much more detailed and precise, which enriches the way we are able to analyze the costs.”


Key benefits of investing in these solutions from Continia: 

  • Tight integration with your Microsoft Dynamics system because Continia solutions are Built Inside Dynamics
  • Employees on the go have the flexibility to easily and quickly submit their expenses via a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Easy claim a credit card expenses by importing them directly to Microsoft Dynamics for automatic linking with registered receipts
  • Faster reimbursement of employee expenses
  • Automated workflows can save staff time and lower processing costs

These solutions will get you there: