No more piles of messy receipts

With the right tools for managing expenses, you can eliminate all paper receipts

Get rid of wrinkled, messy receipts

When it’s time for the monthly expense reports, you often receive a bunch of messy and unorganized receipts from your colleagues, and then have to spend too much time getting a grip on these expenses.

Continia Expense Management provides a clear overview and easy management of all types of incoming expenses without having to use other systems than Dynamics Business Central.


Expense handling through Expense app

The employee can handle their expenses through the Expense app. Once the expense has been created and uploaded, all digital receipts will be visible in your Expense Management in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ready to be approved. No need for you to worry about the physical receipt anymore

Credit card transaction are matched automatically

Credit card related transactions will be imported straight into your Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. The employee expenses will be matched with bank transactions from their company credit card in a single workflow. You gain an enhanced overview of all expenses

Manage receipts right away

As all receipts will be visible in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central right away, you will have a complete overview of expenses for the company in real time, and approvers can approve as soon as the receipt is uploaded. They can also easily add comments and attachments 

Built inside Business Central

You can easily manage all types of incoming expenses without having to use other ERP-systems than Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Because our add-on solutions build on the existing Dynamics NAV/Business Central platform, you can start using the add-on solution immediately after installation.

Complete overview of all expenses

Quick and easy registration of expenses

Access to approval workflow from everywhere

Manage expenses in real time