Ride the tide of documents

No more wasting time on sending reports manually from Microsoft Dynamics to your customers and other external relations. Now you can automate this process, while also making it possible to design e-mails with exactly the information and design according to your needs. Optimise your document distribution by sending all types of documents fast and easy by e-mail, and save the costs of postage at the same time. No matter where you are in Microsoft Dynamics, you are provided with a clear overview of your sent documents and reports.

Most loved features - get a better understanding of how to send your reports more effectively: 


  • With more than 20 ready-to-use e-mail templates, you are good to go right away without the need for customization of your solution
  • No need to make any changes to reports in order to send them
  • Unique setup of layouts for accompanying emails, which means that you can easily customize with your own logos and attachments
  • Fact boxes provide information about e-mail recipients, access to email log and complete overview of documents
  • Mass-mailing of invoices, account statements and other business documents

Key benefits of investing in this solution from Continia:


  • Tight integration with your Dynamics system because Continia solutions are Built Inside Dynamics
  • Automates the process of distributing documents and reports directly from Microsoft Dynamics
  • Saves you time on both postage and paper 
  • Clear overview of sent documents as all activities are logged 
  • No need to make changes in reports in order to send them. This is why it's easier and cheaper to install, develop, and maintain Continia Document Output compared to many other solutions