Receiving invoices? Take your electronic invoicing to the next level

In several countries, it's becoming mandatory for businesses to receive documents from the public sector electronically.

That’s why it might be time for you to look into how you can optimize and automatize the way you receive invoices etc. even further.

Wave goodbye to manual entry errors

Continia XML Import allows you to handle purchase invoices and credit notes from your vendors as XML documents. XML documents deliver unmatched accuracy in the details of all the data. This reduces errors and improves data registration.

The XML documents and their data automatically end up in Business Central, ready to process like the well-known and effective workflows with PDF documents in Continia Document Capture. This provides an efficient and coherent workflow for handling all types of documents while eliminating all manual interaction.

XML Import is included in the software for Continia Document Capture but requires additional licensing

Fast approval flow

Because XML Import is integrated in Document Capture, both PDF and XML documents are processed and approved in the same manner. Additionally, you can access documents whenever you want because they’re stored entirely in one place in the same format.

This ensures an easy, fast and efficient document registration and approval flow.


International business

XML Import comes with a range of popular ready to use formats – both nationally and internationally. This means that you are able to receive and process electronic documents in the formats (e.g. PEPPOL, XRECHNUNG, and UBL) that are used by your vendors.