The way to pay

Handle everything about payment of vendors and following reconciliation of bank accounts completely automatically. Secure a seamless integration with your ERP-system and your bank so you can handle everything without leaving it. Send payments to your bank directly from Microsoft Dynamics through a secure connection directly to the bank's online system. No matter how many vendors you have, and how many currencies in your vendor portfolio, the payment process is handled swiftly and securely. Complete your bookkeeping by importing account statements, automatic document match, settlement of combined payments and automatic creation of deposit slips. 

Most loved features - get a better understanding of how to manage your bank payments more effectively:


  • Payments to all vendors in different currencies and from several bank accounts are handled using one point of entry only – the payment journal.
  • Exchange rates, deposit files, and statements can be downloaded directly from your bank into Microsoft Dynamics
  • Extensive validation and formatting of payments are performed automatically
  • Bank account reconciliation files can be loaded directly into Microsoft Dynamics
  • Recognizes fixed, recurring items such as bank fees

Key benefits of investing in these solutions from Continia:


  • Tight integration with your Microsoft Dynamics system because Continia solutions are Built Inside Dynamics
  • Secures a synergy between your bookkeeping and the activities in your banks
  • Secures a high level of quality assurance by the comprehensive validation engine and error log
  • All information is quality assured so payments are handled easily and effortlessly according to the requirements of banks and vendors
  • More than 4000 customers worldwide use Continia Payment Management today, which is your guarantee that the solution is acknowledged in all types of organizations