Stay connected -

work remotely as

an integrated team

Solutions to help your remote workforce to a streamlined workday

Solutions that provide a set of collaborative tools to enhance productivity for remote workers not only streamline organizational processes but also boost the bottom line.

As a company, you want to stay competitive and agile using collaborative working methods, not least as more employees than ever are working remotely.

Generally, companies are going from traditional central office buildings and start building remote teams.

Mastering remote work is all about finding the right tools to stay productive and connected as a team. Given the right tools, your remote team can collaborate in a seamless and effective manner.   

Hassle-free expense handling

To automate the reimbursement process for employees, Continia Expense Management enables your remote users to create expenses with just a single click by uploading a picture or a receipt either through the Expense App or the Expense Portal.

All employee spendings are automatically imported and matched with the relevant credit card, empowering your employees to do their expense and purchase registration remotely.

You have a complete overview of all incoming expenses, which can be easily reconciled with credit card transactions from the bank.

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Automated invoice workflow

In your company, you need to purchase something at some point, from physical goods to digital advertisements.

Using Continia Document Capture, you can receive invoices, purchase orders and other documents electronically, directly in Dynamics Business Central with no need for physical presence.

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Approval from your PC, tablet or phone

Using Continia Web Approval Portal, your employees can access all expenditures and documents pending approval directly from a web browser.

With these administrative tools, you and your team will be synchronized and able to work effectively from everywhere, keeping the entire remote workforce agile and productive.

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Everything comes together in the Continia Web Approval Portal

In one single system, you have access to approving vendor invoices, sales orders, expenses and mileages remotely. Continia Web Approval Portal only requires one license but can process documents from both Continia Document Capture and Continia Expense Management.

When a user logs on to Continia Web Approval Portal, documents pending approval from both Continia Document Capture and Continia Expense Management are available for processing.