Privacy Policy for Continia Software A/S - Expense Management
Version 1.0

1 The Policy

1.1 This Privacy Policy applies for Continia Software A/S - Expense Management, includ-ing services offered via Expense Management App and Expense Webportal and other online services and information offered via


2 Anonymous Use of Webpages

2.1 You can always seek information on the websites of Continia Software A/S without providing any personal data. Continia Software A/S does not collect any personal data automatically and does not link anonymized technical data with specific users. Continia Software A/S only uses ”cookies” for collection of anonymized technical data. Please see below under Cookies and Technical Data.

2.2 Continia Software A/S does not offer any webpages that provide access to communicate with other users, but gives via Expense Management App and Expense Webportal the option of uploading your own information.


3 Use of your Personal Data

3.1 Continia Software A/S collects the personal data that you provide intentionally and vol-untarily when you wish to use Expense Management. For the use of handling your credit vouchers, we collect information from Microsoft Dynamics NAV applied by your em-ployer.

3.2 The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you on how we collect, protect and use your personal data. The protection of your personal data is crucial for the way Continia Software A/S collects and treats your data. Continia Software A/S applies the following principles when collecting and treating your personal data:

3.3 You control the data that we collect on you.

3.3.1 Regardless where this data is collected or where it is kept, Continia Software A/S treats your personal data pursuant to the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data (“Lov om behandling af personoplysninger”) with appertaining consolidated act regarding safety.

3.3.2 Continia Software A/S ensures that your personal data will not be changed to something incorrect, will not be known by anyone whom it does not concern and is not abused in any other way.

3.3.3 Continia Software A/S only collects personal data on you necessary for treating your in-quiries and requests for online services via Expense Management App or Expense Webportal.

3.3.4 Continia Software A/S does not collect data for other purposes than those stated in con-nection with the collection or on websites associated with Continia Software A/S.

3.3.5 Continia Software A/S never collects personal data on you without informing you be-forehand, either via user rules or via the screen dialogue at the point of collecting the da-ta.

3.3.6 Continia Software A/S does not pass on your personal data to others responsible for data without statutory authority, regulation or order from a public authority. Please see excep-tions under Transmission below.

3.3.7 In most cases, Continia Software A/S’ transmission of your personal data to private data controllers requires your specific consent at the moment of transmission. Please see un-der Transmissions below.


3.3.8 You are, free of charge, entitled to have information on which personal data we adminis-ter on you, once every 6 months. We do not keep any personal data on you when the administration of the credit vouchers has been completed due to the fact that from that point in time such information is kept in your employer’s system.

3.3.9 You can always request Continia Software A/S to delete or make your personal data in-accessible for any future use. Historical data kept on grounds of Continia Software A/S’ audit trail as regards technique and safety cannot be expected to be deleted.


4 Purpose of Treatment

4.1 The purpose of Continia Software A/S’ collection of personal data on you is to be able to deliver Expense Management service to your employer in order to make it easier for you to pay expenses due to the fact that via Expense Management App or Expense webportal you can upload pictures of your credit vouchers. Via the App or at the web portal, you can see which information your employer wishes to collect in order to treat your request on reimbursement of the expense in question.

4.2 Continia Software A/S also treats the collected personal data in order to unravel any abuse. In case of any suspicion of abuse, Continia Software A/S may transmit your per-sonal data to the police.


5 Which Information

5.1 As a starting point, you may visit our website and seek information without providing any personal data.

5.2 If you wish to use our online service or Expense Management App, you will be request-ed to provide specific personal data. Some information is a prerequisite to provide the service in question, while other information is voluntary.

5.3 Unless anything else should appears at the moment of collection, we only treat infor-mation on your name, your address and your employee number necessary for us to iden-tify you unambiguously and information on e-mail address and cell phone no.


6 Transmission

6.1 Continia Software A/S can transmit information to public authorities within the limits of the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data.

6.2 Continia Software A/S is authorized to transmit your personal data to other data control-lers, if there is statutory authority, regulation or order from a public authority to do so, and transmits such information to your employer.

6.3 Apart from this, Continia Software A/S does not transmit your personal data to other firms, neither within nor outside Continia Software ApS, without your specific consent.


7 Cookies and Technical Data

7.1 We collect anonymized data on the use of our services and visits to our websites for sta-tistical purposes (e.g. number of visits to various sites) and to improve our services. We also collect information on the pc, tablet or smartphone from which you log on to our websites or services (not personal data) for the use of safety measures.

7.2 The information we collect comprises:

7.2.1 Continia Software A/S, Website: OS and Browser version.

7.2.2 Continia Software A/S, App: e-mail, picture of enclosures and information configured by the individual customer in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. After upload of the above ele-ments to Continia Online, they are deleted when the end user downloads to the custom-er’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV installation.

This information will be kept in Continia Online.

7.3 Such information or your conduct on the internet is not compiled with your personal da-ta.

7.4 Such information used in connection with the investigation of abuse or attempt to abuse of Expense Management App or Expense webportal.

7.5 On our websites we use cookies in order to optimize and improve your experience of our websites.

7.6 Our applications also use cookies in order to uphold a session between your pc and the application (session cookies).

7.7 Furthermore, please be informed that no log files are kept.


8 Safety

8.1 In order to secure your personal data against unauthorized access or change, loss, distor-tion or any other abuse, Continia Software A/S uses a number of technical and organiza-tional measures.

8.2 Our employees and processors have a duty of confidentiality with regard to the data pro-cessed in Continia Software A/S’ IT systems.

8.3 When you are requested to submit personal data, it only occurs via an encrypted connec-tion.

8.4 Furthermore, Continia Software A/S has a Privacy Manager who, on an ongoing basis, controls that this Privacy Policy and good Privacy Practice are observed.

8.5 Furthermore, Continia Software A/S gets system review. Once a year, a system reviewer submits a system review report on whether the overall data security, system reliability and operational reliability at Continia Software A/S are adequate. The system review is implemented by Continia Software A/S’ external system reviewer BEIERHOLM, STATSAUTORISERET REVISIONSPARTNERSELSKAB.


9 Insight

9.1 When contacting Continia Software A/S, you can always get information on which data on you we administer. A request for insight in the administration of your personal data we accommodate free of charge up to twice a year.


9.2 In order to secure you from unauthorized requests for access to your personal data, we always answer a request regarding access to your personal data by forwarding infor-mation to your address as listed in the national register (“Folkeregister”) or by replying an e-mail signed by you with NemID. When replying by e-mail, the reply will be en-crypted.


10 Change or Deletion of Personal Data

10.1 You can always ask Continia Software A/S to change the personal data that Continia Software A/S has registered on you if the data is incorrect. You can also request to have your personal data deleted or made inaccessible for future use. You simply need to con-tact Continia Software A/S at Deletion of a user in Continia Online implies that Continia Software A/S App will no longer be operative.

10.2 Deletion of your personal data will imply that you cannot use Continia Software A/S’ App or services any longer. Historical data kept the sake of Continia Software A/S’ audit trail as regards technique and safety cannot be expected to be deleted.


11 Marketing

11.1 Continia Software A/S never sells or transmits your personal data with a view to market-ing for others. Continia Software A/S only uses information regarding your e-mail-address and cell phone no. to provide services to you as regards Continia Software A/S’s own services.


12 Links

12.1 On our website, we may have links to websites of third parties who might be hosted by our business partners or by companies without any affiliation with us, which we consider to be in your interest. Such websites are not subject to this policy regarding protection of your personal data, and Continia Software A/S does not warrant their administration of your personal data. We recommend that you scrutinize the policy regarding the protec-tion of personal data of any website when you first visit.


13 Amendments to this Privacy Policy

13.1 We update this Privacy Policy when we estimate the need for it, i.e. when we offer new apps or services. Any amendments to former versions will appear from the amendment log below, and former versions of the Privacy Policy can be ordered by contacting Con-tinia Software A/S.

13.2 This version 1.0 is approved and published on 21 April 2015.


14 Contact Information

14.1 You can always contact us at:

Continia Software A/S Stigsborgvej 60, 9400 Nørresundby

14.2 If you are not satisfied with Continia Software A/S’ treatment of request of your person-al data, you can complain to:

The Danish Data Protection Agency (“Datatilsynet”) Borgergade 28 DK-1300 København K Phone: 0045 33 19 32 00


15 Consent to Conditions

15.1 By using Continia Software A/S’ Expense Management App or Expense webportal, you consent to our procedures with regard to collection and use of data as described in this Privacy Policy on protection of personal data.