Modules and Features

When using Continia Document Capture 365, you select the modules that are useful for you. You always start with the Essential module and add other modules on top of this to build the most effective solution.


Contains the basic functionality to handle purchase invoices and credit memos as PDF-files or electronic documents and enables you to recognize header fields using OCR

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Per month
  • Automated setup and configuration Automated setup and configuration
  • Dedicated e-mail addresses Dedicated e-mail addresses
  • Award-winning OCR recognition Award-winning OCR recognition
  • Handles all XML formats Handles all XML formats
  • Purchase invoices and credit memos Purchase invoices and credit memos
  • Manual split and merge Manual split and merge
  • Configurable templates and fields Configurable templates and fields
  • Batch processing and registration Batch processing and registration
  • Full document archive Full document archive
  • Drag-and-drop Drag-and-drop

Advanced Capture

This module is relevant if you have complex documents, several companies, need to capture lines or want to process other types of documents

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Per month
Additional functionality
  • Line recognition Line recognition
  • Unlimited document types Unlimited document types
  • Automated split and merge Automated split and merge
  • Company identification Company identification

Order Matching

Match purchase invoices to existing orders, posted receipts, return orders and posted return shipments. A must have for purchase orders and return orders

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Per month
Additional functionality
  • Automated matching Automated matching
  • Matching on totals Matching on totals
  • Matching line-by-line * Matching line-by-line *
  • Matching overview Matching overview

Document Approval

This module adds a wide range of functionalities that are necessary to handle an end-to-end approval workflow in most companies

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Per month
Additional functionality
  • Continia Web Approval Portal Continia Web Approval Portal
  • Automated approval Automated approval
  • Approval flows Approval flows
  • Approval sharing Approval sharing
  • Forcing approval Forcing approval
  • Documents on hold Documents on hold
  • Out of office Out of office
  • Forwarding documents Forwarding documents
  • Amount and dimension validation Amount and dimension validation
  • Account and dimension permissions Account and dimension permissions
  • Full audit trails Full audit trails
  • Purchase allocations / pre-posting Purchase allocations / pre-posting