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Payment Management 365

Do you find it costly and time-consuming to handle payment files manually? Would you like to ensure a stable payment flow in your company and eliminate the risk of error?

Handle everything to do with vendor payments and bank account reconciliation completely automatically. With Continia Payment Management 365, you get access to a wide range of payment methods, and the generation and validation of payment information is safely handled throughout the payment process.

Approved payments are sent directly to your bank's online system seamlessly and automatically using the Direct Communication feature module, and you get status updates in Business Central whenever a payment status changes in the bank.

With the advanced bank account reconciliation functionality, you get a 100% match on vendor payments. The system automatically creates cash receipt journal lines when a unique match is found, and customer payments are not posted. In situations where no unique match is found, the system automatically creates reconciliation suggestions for customer payments.

Key features and benefits of using the app:

  • Full integration to a wide range of banks and formats
  • Ability to submit payments to multiple banks from a single payment journal
  • Support for import of FIK/GIK and CAMT.054 files for customer payments
  • IBAN lookup to help you create vendor bank information automatically
  • Advanced reconciliation functionality that saves time and ensures that your bank accounts and Business Central are always in sync
  • Automatic generation of cash receipt journal lines and reconciliation suggestions
  • Support for web shop payments with the option of setting up payment reference search rules


Supported editions:

 This app supports both the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Supported countries:



Supported languages:

Danish and English.