3.27 released March 2021


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Document Output

Automate the process of distributing documents and reports directly from Business Central and save time and money on postage.

Fully integrated with Business Central

Continia Document Output comes with a wide variety of predefined email templates ready to use, each of which is linked to a Business Central report and information about who is to receive them. All you need to do is to customize your e-mail to your own profile, and you are ready to go.

For this reason, Continia Document Output is simpler and cheaper than many other solutions in terms of implementation, development, and maintenance.

Automate communication with your customers from all over the world even more by sending electronic documents such as invoices, credit notes, and reminders directly from Business Central with Continia e-Documents Export

Pre-built templates

Continia Document Output comes with more than 20 email templates ready to use, each of which is linked to a Business Central report and information about, who is to receive them. These templates are designed according to the document type and language. The following ready-made email templates come, among others, as a standard:

  • Account Statement (including attachments from the period)
  • Delivery Note
  • Credit Memo
  • Reminder
  • Finance Charge Memo
  • Sales Invoice
  • Quote
  • Order Confirmation
  • Purchase Order
  • Tracking 

If you wish to customize your own templates, this can easily be done as well. Design your templates by using your Outlook client. This way, you can enter in company logos and campaign banners, and attach files and documents if needed. 

You can also use merge fields to automatically fill in information such as the sender's name, customer's name, email etc. When you are done setting up your email templates, you need only select the report that you want to use and you are done. 

Information right at your hand

With Continia Document Output, you can always see which documents are sent at what time and to whom since all activities are logged. 

Unique fact boxes on the Customer Cards provide information about e-mail recipients, access to email log and an overview of the documents. Likewise, fact boxes on Sales Quotes and Sales Orders provide information on email recipients and access to an email log. 

With these fact boxes, you have a clear overview of your reports and email activity. 

Transparent document workflow

When distributing reports from Continia Document Output, you open up an overview of all unsent documents. This overview indicates who is to receive documents via email, and who requires them in paper form. From here, you can choose whether to process all documents at once or selected documents.

After sending, the documents are marked as sent and will disappear from the overview. You can also configure Business Central to automatically send and print out all of these documents at fixed intervals—once per day, for example, according to your needs.