1.11.02 released February 2020

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System requirements

e-Documents Export

Automate communication with your customers from all over the world by sending electronic documents such as invoices, credit notes, and reminders directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV with this add-on solution for Continia Document Output.

Simple distribution of e-documents

Send your documents electronically directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Continia e-Documents Export.

Through thorough validation rules, in accordance with applicable format requirements, this solutions provides the best conditions for documents not to fail upon sending - and at the same time, received status ensures that there is a fully updated overview of all documents directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (sent, forwarded or failed).

Handle all formats

Continia e-Documents Export contains direct communication with leading VANS-providers (Value Added Network Service), thereby making it possible to send your e-documents through the secure network of these VANS-providers, no matter the format, directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. 

The solution provides the ability to send e-documents in the following standard formats:

  • PEPPOL (2.0, 3.0)
  • OIOXML (UBL 0.8)
  • OIOUBL (UBL 2.02)
  • EHF (UBL 2.0, 3.0)

Other formats are easily distributed by converting the documents through a VANS-provider.

You can specify how to handle your e-documents, either to place them in an internal file-folder and distribute them yourself, or you can upload them to a VANS-provider’s system directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Send e-documents to customers without EAN/GLN numbers

Microsoft Dynamics NAV requires as a standard an EAN/GLN number to send e-documents. However, when using Continia e-Documents Export, you can register either an EAN/GLN number or a VAT number.

You can also register multiple EAN/GLN numbers on customers and choose between these upon the distribution of e-documents.

Easy and swift implementation

Continia e-Documents Export is easily added to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution. Please be aware that there might be some additional costs in relation to the VANS provider you are using. 

The solution is an add-on for Continia Document Output, however, it can be purchased and used as a stand-alone solution as well.