Version released March 2021

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MobilePay Invoice

With this solution, it has never been easier for your customers to pay invoices. Start today increasing your liquidity and reducing time spent on the time-consuming follow-up on invoices.

Managing invoices can be a time-consuming process for you and your customers. In a busy working day, you may not have the time to verify the information. And difficult payment processes for your customers can result in payments after the due day or with incorrect information – resulting in an increased workload for you.

Using the MobilePay Invoice extension, your customers will be able to pay their invoices with one swipe in MobilePay. You will be able to follow your customers' payments step by step making you able to react if a payment is declined or the due date is exceeded. The time you spend on administration is reduced because surveys show that 97% of your customers will pay on time without doing manual entries – giving you correct entries. The price per transaction is one of the lowest on the market, and your customers can pay immediately.

Benefits using this extension:

  • Easy for you and your customers
  • Enables the customer to pay his invoices on his mobile phone using MobilePay
  • No manual customer input
  • Low prices per transaction – the extension is free
  • Data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is automatically updated

Supported editions:

Business Central 15

Supported countries:

MobilePay Subscriptions is currently available in Denmark.