Version released March 2021

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MobilePay Subscriptions

This solution makes it easy to send recurring collections and subscriptions via MobilePay.

MobilePay Subscriptions is an easy and effective solution to manage recurring collections automatically. The extension adds another collection functionality to Dynamics 365 Business Central, enabling your customers to pay recurring payments via a MobilePay payment agreement.

Once your customer has accepted this payment agreement with just a single swipe from the MobilePay Smartphone app, future collections are paid automatically – without the need for your customer to swipe every time.

Once the payment is completed each month, your customers can see it under ‘Activities’ in the MobilePay Smartphone app. Likewise, outstanding payments are visible here, providing one clear overview of all payments.

You have complete flexibility as you can decide the settlement period and the invoice date. And in case you need to charge a single purchase in between the fixed collections, this can easily be handled too.

Benefits of using this extension:

  • Recurring payments are automatically paid on the due date.
  • Transparent payment status – you can track the payment status at any time.
  • Supports one-off payments – in between recurring payments.
  • Minimize administration of payments and reduce the risk of errors.
  • Lowest price per transaction.
  • One swipe to get started.
  • Payment information in one single place.

Supported editions:

This app supports both the Essential and Premium edition of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries:

MobilePay Subscriptions is currently available in Denmark.