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Payment Management

Continia Payment Management ensures great quality and provides high security throughout the entire payment process.

Unique payment workflow

The unique direct communication with the bank in Continia Payment Management enables you to send payments directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to your bank's online system. Payments are approved and sent to the bank in one simultaneous workflow, and you immediately receive a receipt for the payment being delivered.

And with the add-on Continia Statement Intelligence, you can streamline the entire process of handling payments by importing account statements, automatic attachment match, settlement of combined payments and automatic creation of deposit slips. 

Raise the security level

The direct communication in Continia Payment Management enables you to securely download exchange rates, deposit files and statements from the bank, as well as load bank account reconciliation files directly into Dynamics NAV - completely automatically.

The ability to communicate directly with your bank increases your company security level and at the same time eliminates the risk of errors.

Unique Validation

The built-in comprehensive validation engine and activity logging both add to ensure the high level of quality in the payment process, making it perfectly safe for you to send your payments to the bank.

The unique automated validation process includes both compliancy checks with the rules that apply to a payment type or payment method, as well as the rules that apply to how the fields are formatted.

One payment journal for all payments

Continia Payment Management enables all payments to be handled collectively from one single payment journal. You can handle payments to several vendors in different currencies and from several bank accounts using one point of entry – the payment journal. 

Whether you have a single bank account and relatively few suppliers, or you have multiple banks and bank accounts with a wide portfolio of suppliers both domestic and abroad, you will always have a clear overview of your payments with Continia Payment Management.