Web Approval Portal

With Continia Web Approval Portal, every employee can access pending approval documents on the go without using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV client and still gain the same opportunities to approve expenses and other documents.

Approve from a PC, tablet or a Smartphone

The Continia Web Approval Portal is Web-service integrated directly into the Microsoft Dynamics NAV server. Through this portal, all employees can approve expenses and documents even though they have no direct access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The employee only needs access to a Web-browser.

Regardless of where the employee is situated, the employee can access all expenditures and documents pending approval by using a PC, tablet or a Smartphone on the go through Continia Web Approval Portal.

Add any document

At any time during the approval flow, users can add attachments to the invoice or the expense such as images, spreadsheets or e-mails. The attachments added through the Web Approval Portal are immediately available to other users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV making it fast and easy to look up the attachments – even after the invoice or expense is posted in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

No installation needed

You can use Continia Web Approval Portal without any additional installation given that the portal runs on our Continia Online Service, which is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Approvals from the Web Approval Portal happens in real time, meaning that you always have an up to date overview of expenses and documents pending approval.

Two Continia solutions, one web portal

In one single system, you get access to approve vendor invoices, sales orders, expenses, and mileage. Continia Approval Web Portal only requires one license but can process documents from both Continia Document Capture and Continia Expense Management.

This means that when a user logs on to Continia Web Approval Portal, documents pending approval from both Continia Document Capture and Continia Expense Management are available.

Please note that when an approval user logs on to Continia Web Approval Portal the approver will, as a minimum, take up a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Limited User.