System Requirements for Web Appoval Portal

Web Approval Portal requires .NET Framework 4.5 or newer.
Requires IIS 7 or newer (Windows 2003)

Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 runtime (build 6.0.32843.0) or newer, configured with web service access. Therefore, NAV must be running on SQL Server. Web Users must be licensed according to Microsoft Licensing Terms.

Our interpretation is:
▪ NAV 2009 backend

Light User required for each named web user
▪ NAV 2013 backend

During access into NAV requires a concurrent user. These requests are very limited and disconnect the NAV session immediately after the web page has been loaded. In most cases, this will result in efficiently only one NAV concurrent user, even though many web users access the site simultaneously.
▪ NAV 2013R2 and newer backend

Every user must be present in the user table either as a full or limited user. When a user access the website the user session will be active for two hours for full users and 15 minutes for limited users. Note that limited users will not be able to edit purchase lines.