This is why you should upgrade your solution

Improving finance processes in NAV and Business Central has always been an ongoing focus in Continia solutions, and this, in combination with the fast improving feature set of Business Central itself, means constant improvements that can be achieved by staying up to date with newest versions.

We always strive to enhance the user experience in our solutions and aim to make sure that our new releases are upgraded seamlessly.

In our latest new versions, we have, among other things, focused a lot on simplifying the layout and functionality with fewer fields and buttons, warnings and dialogue boxes. We have optimized the visual design so fields are only shown in the right context.

When you upgrade your solution to a newer version, you not only lift the existing functionality up to the latest standard and technology. At the same time, you also get better infrastructure and improved workflows. This will optimize the time spent in your business.

Here, you will get an overview of the value-adding updates on some of our solutions.

Document Capture

Version 6.0

With the release of Document Capture 6.00, we have released a brand new add-on module to handle XML documents. 

The new XML Import module brings the possibility of handling electronic purchase invoices and credit memos while still using all the functionality of Document Capture.

Most of this functionality has until now been available in the separate solution e- Documents Import; however, with version 6.00 the importing of electronic documents is now merged into Document Capture.   

Just like PDF documents in Document Capture, XML documents in the most common standard formats are automatically downloaded from predefined e-mail addresses or folders. All data is transferred from the imported file into the correct fields in Business Central. Compared to PDF documents, XML documents deliver unmatched accuracy in the details of all the data.

With this module, you are ready to take invoice automation to the next level.

  • XML Import is included as a module for Document Capture. Easy import of standard invoice formats such as; OIO, PEPPOL, EHF, etc .in the same flow and user interface as with PDF documents in Document Capture.
  • Flexible configuration of additional formats which are easily added to the catalogue of formats.


Version 5.50

  • From this version, we are including the ABBYY FineReader version 12, which contains a wide range of OCR data recognition enhancements
  • Simplified and improved user interface and user rights
  • A long list of general enhancements
  • With Document Capture version 5.50 Continia Software has released upgrade objects that support the new Data Upgrade Tools from Microsoft.
    (Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 and above)


Version 5.0

  • Faster initial recognition of documents from new vendors
  • Better overview in the Document Journal by adjusting templates and fields
  • Significantly improved overview of the Document Category page
  • Settings and buttons are only visible when relevant to the configuration or the data being displayed
  • People in the approval flow appear directly on documents and on the approval page in NAV
  • Possibility to change invoice lines in NAV while the document is awaiting approval (NAV 2016 and newer) 
  • Improved approval experience on the pages Approval Posts in NAV and Continia Web Approval Portal
  • The deferral and location codes are available in Continia Web Approval Portal
  • Direct drill down from pre-registration and activities in the Role Center provides faster access to records and documents
  • Improved order match


With this version, the setup of Document Capture has been simplified. 

  • Easier installation and configuration
  • With the new activation guide and activation status, activation and deactivation have been greatly improved
  • Possibility to rename Continia-users, i.e. by changing domain name
  • Better overview on setup pages
  • Support for more languages in Cloud OCR
  • Direct link to key areas in the configuration makes it very easy to set up, change and control settings and parameters


Expense management

Version 4.0

With the release of Expense Management 4.0, we have introduced the Per Diem module to support employee reimbursements based on daily allowances.

Simultaneously, we released our new Expense app. From this app, users can submit expenses, mileages and not least per diem. This app will in time replace our old app. 

With Per Diem, it is possible to configure special rates for the first and the last day or sub rates shorter than one day. The Per Diem module is then added to the Expense and Mileage modules to complete the travel settlement concept.

Per Diem is available in all the environments: Continia Expense App, Continia Expense Portal, Continia Approval Portal and Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. This means that customers can use the functionality no matter where they are located. 

Reimbursement rates, posting account and rules are all configured in Business Central which makes the solution easy to use. 

  • Per Diem handling - with the possibility to create multiple groups. This means that groups can be created when variance in allowances
  • Enhanced status reports providing a much better overview of all expenses 
  • Possibility to create predefined templates in the Expense app. Templates can be created for expenses, mileage and per diem


Version 3.5

  • Private liability for expenses made by company credit card. The employee is liable for any payment made by a company credit card.
  • Possibility to share credit cards between multiple users




Version 3.0

One of the biggest news in version 3.00 has been the ability to allocate expenses, for Expense users and approvers. This is a feature that has been in great demand by our users.

In addition to this requested functionality, version 3.0 included a lot of optimizations in the Expense app, in the Web Approval Portal and in NAV. 


Allocation – A highly requested feature

  • Allocation will also be visible in the Expense Management Status Report

Other requested features

  • Rotate picture available in NAV Windows Client and Web Client
  • PDF is supported in the add-in preview
  • Posting Preview (from NAV 2016)
  • Mileage rates on attendees

Also available in this version

  • Mileage can be posted in NAV and external payroll systems
  • Possibility to register mileage for a company car for the sole purpose of invoicing jobs

On top of these highly requested features, we have made a lot of optimizing in the Expense App, the Expense Portal and NAV/Business Central.


Document Output

Version 3.01

With the release of Document Output 3.01, we have released a set of features that further enhances the user experience in the solution. In addition, we have made it easier to use the solution to facilitate the distribution of electronical documents. 

  • The solution supports Business Central 16.
  • A new Unhandled Remittance Advice page means that Document Ouput generates a mail with a Remittance Advice to provide users with a full payment overview.
  • E-mail log now includes both print and e-documents as well as combined documents. This means that all transactions are logged so users can see everything that has been distributed via Document Output.
  • New “Send Codes” used to specify e-mail, print and e-documents for customers. This means that users can define the actions for each type of document, including e-Documents.
  • Document Output is compatible with Business Central standard when handling electronic documents. 
  • New HTML editor (version 1.0.1) includes the possibility to drag and drop files in Web Clients (BC15 and BC16).
  • With the new Vendor Setup table, it is possible to set up your own templates and define the actions needed in these when sending documents via SMTP for each creditor.


Version 3.0 

New and improved HTML-editor (from NAV 2018 and forward) - provides the possibility to insert photos, logos and attach documents directly in Business Central. This provides a much more flexible solution where you can send documents even without the use of Outlook. 

Merge fields can now use related tables - which means that you have even more fields as merge fields, that can be used to create your templates. This ensures much better user experience and more editing options, including the ability to work with images in your templates. 




Version 2.35

  • Remittance advice is now available in all countries 
  • Optimized export/import of templates between accounts/databases
  • New and improved setup wizard
  • Easy and userfriendly method for adding new merge fields to templates, now also from related tables/code units.


Version 2.34.01

  • Improved user experience everywhere in the solution upon edit of recipients. Press directly on the e-mail address to go to the recipient. 
  • Direct distribution of account of statements from the customer card. 


Version 2.33

  • New Fact boxes on Creditor with an overview of all sent documents to every receiver
  • Extensions available from Business Central version 15