Continia Delivery Network

Continia is an Accredited Certified Peppol Access Point Provider

The digitalization of finance processes has become increasingly prevalent over the years. With that, e-documents, especially e-invoices, play a significant role in this transformation.  

The exchange of electronic documents refers to the exchange of an invoice document between a supplier and a buyer in an integrated electronic format. 

is an accredited certified Peppol Access Point ProviderThe service, Continia Delivery Network, is built inside Continia Document Capture and Continia Document Output enabling you to handle the exchange of electronic invoices through the Peppol network. When connected to the Peppol network, you’ll have instant access to all the other connected European organizations.

connecting to the European Peppol eDelivery Network, yocan receive and send electronic purchase invoices and other e-documents directly in Business Central in the correct format. 

This enables you to communicate directly with any customer or partner connected to the Peppol
eDelivery Network, convert documents to the Peppol format, and send documents to all your trading partners.  


Get Started 

You sign up to the Continia Delivery Network directly from Business Central which means that there is no need for any third-party service providers to connect you to the Peppol Delivery Network. 

built-in validation provides the best conditions for your documents to meet the requirements for electronic document handling. Compared to PDF documents, Peppol and other XML formats deliver unmatched accuracy and details of all the data, and you ensure a high level of document validation. 

When distributing electronic documents
, there is no need to set up additional folders. The electronic documents between trading partners are dispatched via Continia Delivery Network. Once your company is registered in the Continia Delivery Network, all incoming electronic documents will appear visually in the same way that PDF files are sent to you via e-mail. Through Continia Delivery Network, your documents will automatically end up directly in your Business Central, ready to process.



How Do You Get It? 

Dynamics NAV or Business Central On-premises

Distribution of electronic documents is included in the XML Export license available for Continia Document Output. Receiving of documents is included in the XML Import license available for Continia Document Capture 

Business Central Online (also known as Cloud or SaaS)

Distribution of electronic documents is included in Continia Document Output available at Microsoft AppSource. Receiving of documents is included in Continia Document Capture available at Microsoft AppSource