Work Smarter With OCR Technology

Handle your Accounts Payable Processes in Just a Few Clicks

Whether you receive a ton of invoices, or just a few, the task of processing them can be cumbersome when you have to do it manually. 

Using automated invoice processing technology speeds up the time spent on handling invoice documents while simultaneously reducing the risks related to manual processes such as typing errors. You can therefore benefit from using software that captures data from the invoice automatically via in-built OCR technology. 

In short, OCR is the technology that translates pixels from scanned documents into digital data. Through this process, your documents are fully readable, neatly organized, and digitized in your financial system, ready for further processing.


OCR is Built Inside Continia Document Capture 

Continia Document Capture has a built-in OCR engine from one of the world-leading providers of OCR and document-scanning services ABBYY.

This means that whenever you receive a PDF document from a vendor, the document is automatically OCR-processed, enabling it to be imported into Document Capture for registration and further processing without manual interaction. 

All you need to do is map data once on the vendor, which will be recognized for all future documents you receive from this vendor. Document Capture lets you switch to error-free data capture from invoices using in-built OCR technology.

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