XML Export

Electronic Invoice Exchange

From batch-printing business files to bulk-emailing sales invoices, reminders, and other business documents, these distribution processes are handled through the Continia Document Output for Business Central. 

By enhancing your Document Output solution with the XML Export add-on, you get a comprehensive solution for sending all types of documents in any format, e.g., print, pdf, or XML. 


Integrated with the PEPPOL Network 

The solution integrates with the European PEPPOL format as a standard, meaning that vendors and customers already using this format can receive electronic documents this way. 

Everything is handled directly from Business Central. You simply send your electronic documents from a specific file folder or as attachments in your outgoing e-mails. Just like PDF documents, PEPPOL, and other XML documents, the process of distributing documents is handled effectively. 

Compared to PDF documents, PEPPOL and other XML formats deliver unmatched accuracy and details of all the data, and you ensure a high level of document validation. 


Out-of-the-Box Support of Formats 

Through the in-built validation, the solution provides the best conditions for documents to meet the country-specific requirements for electronic documents. 

The module comes with a range of popular formats ready to use:

  • Peppol BIS 3 (International) 

  • EHF (Norway) 

  • XRECHNUNG (Germany) 

  • More formats are added continuously to the solution 


Continia Delivery Network 

Continia Delivery Network is a service that integrates into the PEPPOL eDelivery Network. This means that if you have vendors already connected to the PEPPOL eDelivery Network you can ask them to send documents this way. Through Continia Delivery Network, these documents will automatically end up directly in your Business Central, ready to process. 


Add-On Solution for Continia Document Output 

XML Export is included in the software for Continia Document Output on-premises but requires additional licensing. Existing Document Output customers interested in XML Export need to update their Document Output to access the solution. XML Export is available in all versions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central that are supported by Document Output. 

How Do You get It? 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central on-premises – requires purchase of the additional license for Continia Document Output, XML Export. 

Business Central Online (also known as Cloud or SaaS) – all features are included in Continia Document Output available at Microsoft AppSource