Free up resources in Finance

The invoice workflow quickly becomes an automated journey when you invest in an end-to-end solution for document recognition, invoice approval, and digital archiving documents, such as Continia Document Capture

Empower your Finance team with better workflows and a higher sense of productivity and freedom to do more tasks that inspire them.

Automate the invoice journey

With Document Capture, you get a solution built inside Dynamics Business Central that supports the entire purchase invoice handling with automated workflows.

Key benefits for your Finance team using Document Capture:

  • Reduce the number of repetitive typing tasks
  • Make registration and processing of invoices easy and smooth
  • Create logical automated workflows
  • Ensure a smooth and flexible approval process
  • Improve efficiency and the sense of value-added work


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AP automation in 5 simple steps:

1. A document is imported

Using Document Capture, a purchase invoice is imported, automatically downloaded or using a network scanner. Import any type of document.

2. Information is captured

When the document is imported, the data automation begins.
Data from the invoice is extracted and transferred to readable text, making registration easy and efficient.

3. The document is matched

The document is registered as a purchase invoice that can automatically be compared and matched with the corresponding purchase order if needed.

4. The invoice is approved

After the invoice is received, scanned, and registered, you might want it to be approved before posting and paying your vendor.

5. Retrieve the invoice

Retrieve the invoice in no time with a quick search in the digitally archived purchase documents. You have the correct information and insights at all times.

That’s it! The invoice document is now imported, registered, posted, and approved.

Let your software do the job

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