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You’re probably struggling with the fact that your finance team spends too much time dealing with slow, manual, and repetitive tasks - taking time away from other essential tasks.


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Invest in a solution that digitalizes and automates every step of your company’s daily invoice processing - get rid of slow and ineffective workflows in your finance department.

Automate Document Handling

By acquiring Document Capture, you can automate every step of daily invoice processing – from receiving and registering documents to quickly retrieving them again later for auditing. This allows for more efficient and precise handling of business documents, which saves time, eliminates errors and manual handling, and cuts costs in the finance department.

Process All Types of Documents

Benefit from a solution that automatically detects and processes both PDF and XML documents directly in Business Central - sending them to the correct workflows for approval and archiving. This allows for a more efficient and precise handling of business documents, saving time and reducing errors. No need for manual entry.

Smooth Approval Flow

After registration and processing, the invoice is sent for approval to you or another relevant approver. The approval is available at any given time in both Business Central and through Continia Web Approval Portal. This makes it easy and efficient for you to approve whenever and wherever you are.

Get Rid of Heavy Ring Binders!

The digital archive in Continia Document Capture contains all documents, which can easily be accessed in Business Central. The archive is fully indexed which means you can search for any text on the documents. You no longer need a large office space to room archives filled with physical ring binders - everything can be found in an instant through a quick search.

Easy Implementation and BUILT INSIDE

Document Capture is BUILT INSIDE, which means that it builds on the existing Business Central platform. It’s completely compatible with Business Central, saving you money and time on the setup process. Furthermore, it’ll feel familiar for your team because the user interface is the same as the one you know from Business Central.

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