Benefits of an Expense Management Solution  


Automating the way your company handles expenses is beneficial for your employees as it speeds up the reporting and the reimbursement process. 


Learn how to reduce the workload from a real-world user perspective.

Employees can capture their receipts and attach them to the appropriate claims using their device - just take a picture of the receipt, fill in the data, and submit.


Benefits for the Expense User 

“Using the Expense Management mobile app while I am away from the office is easy. When I make a purchase, I simply take a picture of the receipt or quickly register a mileage, and then I am done. I don’t have to go back to the office to make an expense report or keep track of old receipts, which used to be a big challenge for me to remember". 

Employee expenses made by credit card or cash are automatically imported and matched with the corresponding bank transactions. 


Benefits for the Bookkeeper  

“We have all been there. At the end of the month, colleagues drop off a pile of receipts that I would have to register manually. Now, I get all the expenses daily, directly in Business Central. I can even reconcile incoming expenses with credit card transactions from the bankand, if I am missing receipt from one of the expense users, I can simply push out a notification to the specific user”. 

Expenses are recorded instantly meaning that managers can quickly review and approve any claim. 


Benefits for the Approver 

“I get the chance to go through all the expenses from my employees. This way, I get instant insight into all the costs my employees are adding to the company. Even when I am away from the office and do not have access to our Business Central, I can still approve expenses by using the Continia Web Approval Portal.”  

All employee activities are recorded as entries in Business Central daily; travel expenses are handled like everything else and easy to find once posted.  


Benefits for the Controller 

"With this solution, we can rely on the fact that we have documentation for all the expenses that we get in our company. The posting of expenses is much more detailed and precise, which enriches the way we are able to analyze the costs.” 

How Do You Get It?

Enable your remote users to create expenses with just a single click by uploading a picture or a receipt through the Expense App or the Expense Portal.

Continia Expense Management

Using Continia Web Approval Portal, employees can access all expenditures and documents pending approval directly from a web browser whenever and wherever it suits them best. 

Continia Web Approval Portal