5 Benefits of Continia Expense Management

Streamline Your Entire Expense Handling Process

#1 Complete Overview of All Expenses


With Expense Management, the bookkeeper gets a clear overview of all expenses and can easily manage all types of incoming expenses such as travel expenses, per diem, and mileages without having to use ERP systems other than Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

You can quickly handle expense reports with Expense Management as you get instant insight into all your company's expenses charged to your employees’ corporate credit cards. The employee expenses are imported directly into Expense Management and matched with bank transactions in a single workflow. This way, you get an enhanced overview of all expenses charged to a corporate credit card.

#2 Quick and Easy Expense Registration


When all the credit card transactions have been imported straight into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and automatically matched with employee expenses, the employees can easily upload and attach the invoices and/or receipts to the transactions and submit them. This means that you, the bookkeeper, avoid having to manually register the expenses. 

If a receipt should happen to be missing for an expense, the system automatically creates an expense and sends it off to the right user, requesting a receipt. 

#3 Expense Handling in 3 Simple Steps


Your employee can quickly handle their expenses on the go through the Expense appAll they have to do is take a picture of the receipt, fill out the required fields in the app and send it directly to bookkeeping. Mileage registration can also be handled in the same way.

Once the expense has been created and uploaded by the employee, all digital receipts will be visible in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - ready to be approved.


#4 Manage Immediately


As all receipts will be visible in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central right away, you, as a bookkeeper, will have a complete overview of expenses for the company in real-time, and approvers can approve as soon as the receipt is uploaded. The approvers can see the original invoice on the screen and either accept, reject, hold it, or forward it to another person for review or approval. Comments and attachments can also easily be added.

Approvers can also approve invoices and expenses on the go as long as they have access to either Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or a web browser. This means that everyone in the organization can have access to the approval workflow where and when it is needed.

#5 Save Time


By using Expense Management, your employees can submit their expenses directly from their smartphones. This makes it a whole lot easier for you because you don’t have to keep track of employees´ physical expenses.

Ultimately, this provides documentation for all employee expenses. As the expenses are more detailed and precise, it keeps a clear overview of expenses.

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