Stop Invoice Fraud

Avoid Approving Fake Invoices

The Accounts Payable department is a prime target for invoice fraud. Criminals, who are looking to exploit your business, take advantage of AP departments with lower staff levels during the summer vacation months. 

Scammers exploit the low staff levels in finance departments to slip fake invoices through for immediate payment. By having a good approval flow, the invoices are always accessible to the relevant people in your company.

Continia Document Capture can quickly warn you of potential fraud by comparing the creditor's bank account number in the creditor directory with the information on the invoice.

Invest in our approval flow solution and share your documents with an approval team.


If you use a system with an approval flow and option for shared approval along with group sharing, such as Continia Document Capture, you can ensure secure internal approval procedures.


Secure Your Company Against Invoice Fraud

Invoices are sent to both you and your temporary replacement, which you designated as a substitute for your approval tasks while on vacation.

Sharing your documents with a group may be a particularly good idea during times with low staff levels since invoices will be checked by several different people.

With sharing activated, your colleagues can keep track of invoices that are approved and posted. This ensures transparency throughout the entire approval process.