Send Out Invoices While Enjoying Your Lunch

Automate Your Document Distribution

Automate every step of your daily document distribution process – from batch-printing business files to bulk-emailing sales invoices, reminders, and other business documents.

With Continia Document Output, you get all of this with minimal user involvement, saving you both time and the hassle of having to distribute documents manually.

Improve efficiency and productivity with ready-to-use e-mail templates

To increase your efficiency, the e-mail templates are linked to Microsoft Dynamics reports, contact cards, and recipients

Easy for you to keep track of documents and recipients, since all activities are logged

You have full control of unsent documents. Choose to send via email or in paper form - all at once or selected documents

Ease your workload by configuring to automatically send and/or print out statements at fixed intervals, e.g. once a day

Improve your security and prevent hacker attacks by signing your PDF documents and more

Key features and benefits

  • Streamlined and automated distribution of all documents

  • More than 25 different email templates, ready to use from the get-go

  • Flexible use of merge fields within emails

  • Option of adding background PDFs and watermarks

  • Ability to legally sign all PDF files with your own certificate

  • Full log and audit trail of all sent emails, printouts, and electronic documents

  • State-of-the-art HTML editor to help you design professional-looking emails