Strengthen Your Finance with Digital Solutions

Four Areas to Automate

The Way You Handle Vendor Invoices

  • Save time on data entry. All data on vendors is automatically recognized for all future documents from the same vendor.
  • Minimize the risk of incorrect entries and lost documents by keeping everything in the digital archive.
  • When all invoices are stored digitally, you ensure easier work for the audit with quick access to all documentation.
  • Avoid bottlenecks when approving invoices because all relevant people have online access to the documents - wherever they are.


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The Way You Handle Expenses

  • Easily manage all types of incoming expenses such as travel, per diem, and mileage - approve employee expenses instantly.
  • Employees on the move save valuable time by submitting receipts for the relevant expenses using the Expense App on their mobile. 
  • Expenses are automatically imported and matched with the corresponding bank transactions inside Business Central.
  • There is always a continuous overview of all employee outgoings as everything is updated in Business Central in real-time.


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The Way You Send Out Documents

  • Optimize your workload by sending and/or printing all or selected documents at fixed intervals automatically.
  • Avoid spending unnecessary time customizing your documents for each recipient each time, or having to send documents individually.
  • You always have a clear overview of what has been sent to whom and when minimizing the risk of sending the wrong documents.
  • Minimize the risk of someone changing payment and/or account details in sent PDFs by signing them with your own certificate. 


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The Way You Handle Payments

  • Manage all your payments, regardless of currency, vendor or bank account, from the same payment journal and get a complete overview of all your payments from one single place. 
  • Save time from having to log in to online banking with direct communication between your financial system and the bank.
  • Send payments to your bank and immediately receive a status on whether the payments have been received, rejected or paid at the bank.
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs by automatically eliminating recurring items such as bank charges.


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