Bambora is one of the biggest global providers of payment solutions for both in-store, online and in-app. Headquartered in Sweden, Bambora employs more than 700 people today with customers in 70 markets and 300 commercial partners. 


Continia Collection Management  

The cooperation between Bambora and Continia enables you to tailor your own solution for the collection of your customers according to your specific needs and demands. You decide whether you want to collect your customers as single collections or as subscription collections by credit card. 

Single collections are supported both by credit card and MobilePay - here, you decide the amount to collect. With subscription collections, payments are collected automatically and all you need to do is to set up the amount and await the customer to pay. 

No matter the choice of payment method, you choose, your customer payments end up directly in Business Central, which means that you will receive a payment status directly on each payment.  


Continia Collection Management is marketed in Denmark. 


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