Betalingsservice is a Direct Debit (DD) (creditor/payee initiated) service for recurring billing of payers (debtors). The service is marketed under the Mastercard Payment Services portfolio. 

The business benefits of Betalingsservice include more predictable cash flow for payees (creditors), payments on due date, longer payer (the debtor) life-time, fewer calls to customer service on payments, lower level on loss on payers (debtors), lower dunning level, and bank payment guarantee of DKK 1.000 per payment.

Betalingsservice gives the payer (the debtor) a full overview of all recurring ​bills via one common monthly pre-notification, with digital access via Netbanks, Mobile Banks, and BS app.


Read more about the possibilities with Betalingsservice on our docs site (please note this is in Danish).