Den Norske Bank (DNB)

DNB ASA is Norway’s largest bank offering services to the corporate, retail, and securities markets as well as the public sector.   

DNB Bank offers a full range of financial services, cash management, and trade solutions. For online banking, corporations use the service DNB Connect – an internet bank that connects all accounts regardless of country, currency, or bank.  

With DNB Connect, an international internet bank, you can have all your company's accounts in one place, whatever the country or currency - even your accounts in other banks. 

Learn more about DNB Connect here. 


DNB and Continia Payment Management 

Continia Payment Management supports both manual and direct communication between DNB and Business Central. With direct bank communication companies simplify the process of communicating data between Business Central and the bank giving you better control of your finances, improving efficiency, and saving you time and money. 

Payment Management integrates to DNB using DNB's Corporate Internet bank (DNB Connect) via Continia Online. Using DNB Connect in your Payment Management solution, you can send and retrieve files between DNB and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  

Read more about enabling direct communication with DNB bank in Payment Management here.