In collaboration with MobilePay Denmark, Continia Software has developed the extensions; MobilePay Invoice and MobilePay Subscriptions for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. 


MobilePay Subscriptions 

MobilePay Subscriptions is an easy and effective solution to manage recurring collections automatically. The extension adds another collection functionality to Business Central, enabling your customers to pay recurring payments via a MobilePay payment agreement. 


Benefits of using this extension: 
  • Recurring payments are automatically paid on the due date. 
  • Transparent payment status – you can track the payment status at any time. 
  • Supports one-off payments – in between recurring payments. 
  • Minimize administration of payments and reduce the risk of errors. 
  • Lowest price per transaction. 
  • One swipe to get started. 
  • Payment information in one single place. 


Read more here (please note this is only available in Denmark). 


MobilePay Invoice 

Using the MobilePay Invoice extension, your customers will be able to pay their invoices with one swipe in MobilePay. You will be able to follow your customers' payments step by step making you able to react if a payment is declined or the due date is exceeded.  


Benefits of using this extension: 
  • Easy for you and your customers 
  • Enables the customer to pay his invoices on his mobile phone using MobilePay 
  • No manual customer input 
  • Low prices per transaction – the extension is free 
  • Data in Business Central is automatically updated 


Read more here (please note this is only available in Denmark).  


MobilePay and Continia Collection Management

The MobilePay modules have been developed as an add-on for Collection Management.
If your customers want more payment options to choose from, you can with Collection Management also access the MobilePay collection methods, either Invoice or Subscription, as a part of a wider range of payment methods to the solution.


Please note that this is a Danish solution.