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Find the price for your Continia solution

The Continia Software solutions can be licensed under two different models.

Purchase License Model – Under this model, you initially purchase the license to the Continia Software Product. For Purchase License there will be added an annual Enhancement Plan fee.

Enhancement Plan means - a plan that entitles the Customer to obtain access to updates to the Continia Software Products, Product Support through their Partner and access to the Continia Online Services.

Subscription License Model – Under this model, you license the Continia Software Product on a subscription basis for a limited period. The Subscription fee is either based on a fixed fee per period (NAV & Business Central On Premise) or a usage based fee for the period (Business Central Online). 

The Enhancement Plan is included in the Subscription License fee.

For more information, please read End User License Agreement


Continia Software assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors in the calculation of prices. All prices must be confirmed with your Continia Partner.

All prices are excluding VAT and any delivery costs.