Nets connects banks, businesses, the public sector, merchants and consumers via an international network facilitating digital payments. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Nets spans across the Nordic region – mainly Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden. Nets provides a broad range of services within payment cards, bank account services, and digital payment solutions.


Continia e-Documents

Continia offers direct communication from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Nets through the products Continia e-Documents Import and Continia e-Documents Export. 

Continia e-Documents Import receives invoice documents from Nets eInvoice and automatically creates the document in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, including an embedded visual of the invoice document.

Continia e-Documents Export sends invoice documents to Nets automatically and distributes these to the respective receiver.

The e-Documents solutions are marketed with Nets in Denmark. 



Continia Collection Management

Nets offers several types of Direct Debit services, all of which can be administered in Microsoft Dynamics NAV by using Continia Collection Management. This applies to both local services as well as the international SEPA Direct Debit. Each service is handled through direct communication between Nets and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This means that you can send collections directly to Nets and receive a notification on each payment at the same time.  

Continia Collection Management is only marketed for Microsoft Dynamics NAV in Denmark.  


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