Combat the tide of documents

Automate every step of your daily invoice processing - from receiving and registering a document until you need to look it up again for auditing or reporting. You can handle everything directly from Microsoft Dynamics as you know- and the best part is - everything happens automatically.

The tight integration with the Purchase & Payable module in Microsoft Dynamics makes it easy to scan vendor invoices upon receipt, capturing each invoice line automatically and matching them with existing purchase orders.

Most loved features - get a better understanding of how to manage your vendor invoices and business documents more effectively:

  • Invoices and other business documents are registered directly into Microsoft Dynamics
  • Purchase invoices are effectively matched with existing purchase orders or receipts
  • Any file type or email can be dragged and dropped to any record in Microsoft Dynamics
  • Find invoices in no time with a text search thanks to fully indexed PDF documents
  • You get real-time approval which provides an updated overview of approval status, no matter where the approver is

Key benefits for your business:

  • Tight integration with your Microsoft Dynamics system because Continia solutions are Built Inside Dynamics
  • You get the right tools to speed up your invoice approval process by having a fully updated overview of all invoices pending approval and the current approver. 
  • Eliminates manual data entry and improves efficiency in the document handling
  • More than 4000 customers worldwide use Continia Document Capture today, which is your guarantee that the solution is acknowledged in all types of organizations
  • Saves you time when re-finding invoices thanks to the fully indexed PDF-documents