Document Capture

Complete digital invoice workflow for Business Central users

Document Capture is an end-to-end solution to import, register, approve and archive complete purchase invoices and credit memos directly into Business Central. Other document types can be handled in a similar, easy manner, and all of this happens with minimal user involvement. This saves you both the time and hassle of having to register incoming documents manually, no more typing needed.

Feature overview


Handle purchase invoices and credit memos as PDF-files or electronic documents and recognize header fields using OCR technology.

  • Automated setup and configuration

    Benefit from a quick and easy setup as everything is installed with a standard configuration when you start

  • Dedicated e-mail addresses
    Receive PDF and XML documents attached to e-mails with dedicated e-mail addresses provided by Continia
  • Award-winning OCR recognition
    Recognize header information using OCR, such as invoice number, invoice date, due date, total amounts etc.
  • Continia Delivery Network
    A unique service that integrates with the PEPPOL eDelivery Network enabling you to receive electronic purchase invoices and credit memos directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Handles all XML formats
    The solution comes with out of the box formats, PEPPOL BIS 3, OIOUBL, OIOXML, UBL, EHF, SVEFAKTURA, EBINTERFACE, XRECHNUNG. Other formats than these are easy to add with simple configuration.
  • Purchase invoices and credit memos
    Create purchase invoices and credit memos from OCR-recognized PDF-documents
  • Manual split and merge
    Split a group of invoices from a single PDF-document into multiple invoices
  • Configurable templates and fields
    Set up custom fields to recognize from invoices and credit memos, such as dimension codes
  • Batch processing and registration
    Register invoices and credit memos either one-by-one or register all in one go
  • Full document archive
    Find and see the original PDF and XML document of an invoice in seconds by using the standard built-in Navigate-functionality
  • Drag-and-drop
    Drag-and-drop any file attached to an invoice, credit memo or vendor

Advanced Capture

Do you have complex documents, several companies, need to capture lines, or need to process other types of documents too? 

Additional functionality
  • Line recognition
    Recognize lines on an invoice or credit memo and transfer them to purchase lines
  • Unlimited document types
    Create and process other document types, such as sales orders, contract, delivery notes, etc.
  • Automated split and merge
    Automatically split a group of invoices in a single PDF-document into multiple invoices or credit memos
  • Company identification
    Receive all documents with one e-mail address and have them automatically distributed to the right companies

Order Matching

Match purchase invoices to existing orders, posted receipts, return orders, and posted return shipments. 

Additional functionality
  • Automated matching
    Match invoices and credit memos automatically to an existing purchase order, posted receipt, return order or posted return shipment
  • Matching on totals
    Match invoices either by order number and total amount with the corresponding purchase order or posted receipt
  • Matching line-by-line
    Match by using vendor item number, quantity, unit price, and line amount to find corresponding purchase order lines or posted receipt lines Please note - this functionality requires the Advanced Capture feature module.
  • Matching overview
    Get a clear overview of automatically matched lines or match lines manually

Document Approval

Add a wide range of functionalities necessary to handle an end-to-end approval workflow.                                                                                             

Additional functionality
  • Continia Web Approval Portal
    Enables all employees with no direct access to Continia Document Capture 365 to gain the same opportunities to approve invoices and other documents. No matter where the employee is located and no matter the device, all that is required for accessing and approving documents is internet access. NOTE: Continia Web Approval Portal requires a Team Member for Microsoft Business Central as a minimum.
  • Automated approval
    Configure automatic approval of invoices and credit memos if amounts are within predefined thresholds (requires Order Matching module)
  • Approval flows
    Set up an unlimited number of approval flows, and assign them to individual invoices, or all invoices from specific vendors
  • Approval sharing
    Use approval sharing to share the approval of one person to another, or set it up to allow a manager to see all approvals within their department
  • Forcing approval
    Allow a superuser to force the approval of invoices and credit memos if company policies allow it
  • Documents on hold
    Put an invoice or credit memos on hold to show that it has been reviewed, but not ready to be approved
  • Out of office
    Set up a substitute to handle approvals of an approver, when he or she is out of office for a longer period
  • Forwarding documents
    Allows an approver to forward invoices or credit memos manually to a specific user
  • Amount and dimension validation
    Ensures that the sum of all purchase lines matches the total amount on the received purchase invoice or credit memo
  • Account and dimension permissions
    Allows you to enforce company policies of who can approve on which accounts and dimensions
  • Full audit trails
    During the approval process each version of a purchase invoice or credit memo is logged, so you can always go back in time and see who approved what and when
  • Purchase allocations / pre-posting
    Ability to have the total amounts posted to the general ledger when an invoice or credit memos is out for approval

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