Expense Management

Use Business Central to connect receipts with cash and credit card spending 

Keeping track in real-time of employee expenditures both in and away from the office. This solution provides easier-than-ever registration and approval of business-related expenses and travel activities using Business Central, a unique Expense app, and a Web Portal. 

Feature overview


Basic functionality to handle expenses. You need to add the number of Expense Users.

Basic functionality
  • Available in the Expense App, Expense Portal, Web Approval Portal and Business Central
    Allows users to submit and approve expenses.
  • Expense App for iOS and Android
    Through the Continia Expense App, you can submit your expenses on the go in just a few steps: Take a picture, fill out the required fields, send for approval.
  • Continia Expense Portal
    Just like the Expense app for mobile devices, users also have access to the Continia Expense Portal. Expense Users can decide to submit their expenses from the Expense app on their smartphone, or from the Continia Expense Portal from a PC or a tablet.
  • Continia Web Approval Portal
    As an approver with no direct access to Continia Expense Management 365, you can get access to approve expenses through the Continia Web Approval Portal. The only requirement is internet access. Please note: Access to Continia Web Approval Portal requires a Team Member for Microsoft Business Central as a minimum.
  • Approval workflow
    Set up an approval flow directly in Continia Expense Management 365. As an approver, you can see all information on the expense including the attached receipt. In the approval flow, you can accept, reject, put on hold, or forward to another approver. Add comments and attachments too.
  • Attach a photo of a receipt

    Attach an unlimited number of photos to an expense.

  • Attach a PDF document to an expense
    You can add a PDF document to both new and existing expenses
  • Create reports

    With reports, you can group different types of documents such as expenses, mileage and per diem either for a specific trip, project or period. A report provides a nice overview for the expense user. The approver can view all documents and approve all simultaneously instead of approving a single document at the time.

  • Pre-approval of reports

    Report amounts can be pre-approved, which enables expense users to book trips, hotels, etc., knowing that their bookings will be approved. This is often a requirement for large and public companies.

  • Configurable fields
    All configuration of fields showed in the app is managed directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Automatic archive
    Retrieve the original documents using the standard Navigate-function in Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Create templates
    Provides the possibility to create templates for recurring expenses.

Credit Card Transactions

Credit card related transactions are imported into Dynamics Business Central.

Additional functionality
  • Credit card integration
    You can import corporate credit card transactions automatically into Business Central. Expense Management will link transactions with registered expenses. You will receive a notification directly in the App.
  • Automatic matching
    You can set up matching criteria in Business Central to match imported credit card transactions with submitted expenses.
  • Transaction information used for expenses
    The system will use information from the credit card transaction to generate an expense. As an expense user, you only need to provide additional information if required, and attach a receipt before you submit.
  • Reminders
    Reminders will be sent to expense users if receipts are missing.


Includes the functionality for travelers for handling mileage expenses on the go.

Additional functionality
  • Available in the Expense App, Expense Portal, Web Approval Portal and Businss Central
    Allows users to register and approve mileages.
  • Submit mileages from a smartphone or the Expense Portal
    You can submit mileage registrations directly from the Expense App on an iPhone or Android phone. You can also submit mileage from the Expense Portal.
  • Mileage registration with Google Maps integration
    The integration with Google Maps provides a correct registration every time, ensuring correct reimbursement.
  • Add via point to mileage
    Provides the possibility to add via points to your route
  • View of mileage route in Business Central
    The registered mileage details are presented directly in Business Central, including a picture of the route.
  • Capture location
    GPS location is captured to ease the creation of mileages
  • Create template
    Create templates for recurring routes.

Per Diem

Per diem is a daily amount to cover meal and lodging expenses for a traveling employee. 

Additional functionality
  • Available in the Expense App, Expense Portal, Web Approval Portal and in BC
    Easy to submit and approve Per Diem directly from the Expense App on iOS or Android mobile devices. You can also submit and approve Per Diem from the Expense Portal.
  • Calculate the number of travel days and meals

    Calculate the spending on the number of days and meals, including special country requirements.

  • Rate setup and amount calculation
    Handle everything that relates to Per Diem, including rate setup and amount calculation, directly in Business Central.
  • Daily allowance
    You can submit Per Diem directly from the Expense App on iOS or Android mobile devices. You can also submit Per Diem from the Expense Portal.
  • Create templates
    You can easily set up rates and specific fields required in Business Central

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