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Expense Management is an ICT organisation with 200 employees who focus on 3 domains :
1. Modern workplace with MS Dynamics 365 applications such as MS Business Central (ERP), MS Dynamics Sales, Marketing, Field Service and HR and MS Office 365 (including SharePoint DMS solutions).
2. Managed Services for the complete infrastructure of our customers, both on premise and in the cloud.
3. Security solutions based on Fortinet solutions is specialized in various markets for which we have developed specific addons:
1. Real Estate Suite linked with MS Business Central : solution for project developers
2. APS Construction & Installation : specific module for construction and installation companies
All our modules are also published in the AppSource of Microsoft, which means that these applications work fully on the latest version of MS Business Central in the cloud.

Besides these addons, we also work with Third Party addons like Continia Document Capturing, Tasklet Mobile Warehouse Solutions, MDMS - Master Data Management Systems (to share master data over multiple companies), ... and a fully integrated Project and Customer Portal based on SharePoint.
For MS Dynamics Sales (CRM) we have also developed a specific sales solution for project developers (from first contact to signing a compromise and deed).
For our Project Developers customers we have also developed a specific customer and Real estate agents portal based on MS Power Portals. This provides both customers and estate agents with access to their dossiers.

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