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Digitization, process automation, and a human centric approach are in our DNA. be.wan is focusing on 4 key areas of information technology : IT-OPS, Digital Factory, Data Intelligence and Cyber Security. Along with these areas, our Innovation Lab is constantly evaluating and proofing new solutions and technologies so that our customers can benefit and create value from innovation.
Our IT-OPS team consults, implements and manages local and cloud infrastructure solutions. The Digital Factory develops, integrates and implements software solutions powered by innovation and based on industry standards. Data is the new gold, however customers need the right tools to analyze data and to take decisions that have effect on the performance of their businesses, that's why we created our Data Intelligence team composed of specialists in the data and Artificial Intelligence domain. Last but not least, our Cyber Security specialists point out your security strategy, wether it be security appliances and tools, training or awareness creation.

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