KMD is among the biggest IT-and software companies in Denmark. The core part of the business in KMD is software development, and KMD develops IT-solutions to municipalities, regions, the Danish state and not least to private companies. Today, KMD has developed more than 300 IT-systems and solutions.


Continia e-Documents

The cooperation between Continia and KMD enables you to send and receive e-documents between companies, customers, and vendors – securely and effectively. Continia offers direct communication from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to KMD EDI via the products Continia e-Documents Import and Continia e-Documents Export.

Continia e-Documents Import receives invoice documents from KMD EDI and automatically creates the document in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, including an embedded visual of the invoice document.

Continia e-Documents Export sends invoice documents to KMD EDI automatically and distributes these to the respective receiver.


The e-Documents solutions from Continia are marketed along with KMD EDI in Denmark. Continia e-Documents are also marketed in Norway and Sweden.


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