Pagero Group develops and markets Pagero Online, a cloud-based network platform for communication of business documents within the purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash, and logistics-to-pay (TMS) processes. Pagero Online is independent of the ERP system and suits companies of all sizes and within all industries.


Continia e-Documents

Continia offers direct communication from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Pagero Online through the products Continia e-Documents Import and Continia e-Documents Export. 


Pagero's services enable customers to achieve accurate data and obtain a 100% digital inbound and outbound business document flow, resulting in minimal error handling, compliance with local VAT regulation and control over company spend. Pagero Online is also interconnected with an extensive number of other networks for global reach.

Pagero’s experience with PEPPOL goes way back and is an approved access point in every country where PEPPOL has been introduced. This means that companies can start sending e-invoices to all other registered recipients in all countries using PEPPOL, provided that the operator they use is an approved PEPPOL access point.


Continia e-Documents Import receives invoice documents from Pagero Online and automatically creates the document in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, including an embedded visual of the invoice document.

Continia e-Documents Export sends invoice documents to Pagero Online automatically and distributes these to the respective receiver.


The e-Documents solutions from Continia are marketed along with Pagero in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. 


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