XML Import 

Automated invoice capturing 

Just like invoice processing of PDF documents, electronic documents such as PEPPOL and other types of XML formats are automatically downloaded from predefined e-mail addresses or folders. All data is transferred from the imported file into the correct fields in Business Central. Compared to PDF documents, PEPPOL and other XML formats deliver unmatched accuracy and level of details of all the data. 

From receiving and registering a document to approval, posting, and ultimately retrieving previously processed documents from the digital archive.


Out-of-the-box support of formats 

XML Import allows you to process any incoming XML document and capture this data in Business Central. Based on the incoming data, the module automatically identifies the type of invoice based on the supported formats.  

The module comes with a range of popular formats ready to use:

  • PEPPOL BIS 3 (International) 

  • OIOUBL (Denmark) 

  • OIOXML (Denmark) 

  • UBL (International) 

  • EHF (Norway) 

  • SVEFAKTURA (Sweden) 

  • EBINTERFACE (Austria) 

  • XRECHNUNG (Germany) 


If you receive other types of XML files, it is easy to configure additional formats and add these to the catalogue of formats. Extracting additional data out of the document is so easy that a user simply navigates to the data in the XML document and point it to the right field in Business Central. Either as a change for all vendors or as a change for a specific vendor. 


Built-in document preview and approval workflow 

Because XML Import is built inside Continia Document Capture, the document processes are the same. You get a preview of the invoice directly in your Business Central client, and the document approval is processed in Document Capture the same way as with PDF documents. 


Continia Delivery Network 

Continia Delivery Network is a service that integrates into various electronic data exchange networks such as VANs, PEPPOL eDelivery Network and more. This means that if you have vendors already connected to the PEPPOL eDelivery Network you can ask them to send documents this way.  Through Continia Delivery Network, these documents will automatically end up directly in your Business Central, ready to process. 


Add-on solution for Continia Document Capture on-premises 

XML Import is included in the software for Continia Document Capture on-premises but requires additional licensing. Existing Document Capture customers interested in XML Import need to update their Document Capture to access the solution. XML Import is available in all versions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central that are supported by Document Capture. 


How do you get it? 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central on-premises requires a purchase of the additional license for Continia Document Capture, XML Import. 

Business Central Online (also known as Cloud or SaaS) – all features are included in Continia Document Capture available at Microsoft AppSource